Please find below the list of the most frequently asked questions about the RunDerby race series.

Q) What is the RunDerby race series?

A) It is a collection of running races in or around the Derby area where you receive points based on your finishing position at each race.  Up to the best 5 scores from the 7 available races count at the end of the series.  If you score points in less than 5 races, your will appear on the league table but will not count towards the final league table standings.  You can also gain points by volunteering at the races if you are unable to participate.

Q) How do I enter the RunDerby race series?

A) Just enter the races individually and your results will appear here automatically.

Q) Do I need to be affiliated to a running or athletics club to score in the RunDerby race series?

A) No, anyone completing one of the RunDerby race series races can score points.

Q) What happens if I change age category during the RunDerby race series?

A) Your age category in the league table is based on your age on the first event of the RunDerby race series.  For example, if you are a male who is aged 49 years for the first race and you turn 50 after the third race, your age category will be recorded as a MV40 (40-49) and not MV50 (50-59).

Q) What happens if I change affiliated club during the RunDerby race series?

A) We have to record you down as one affiliated club in the league table to avoid two entries being created.  If you have changed your affiliated club part of the way through the RunDerby race series then you will show as twice in the league tables, once under one club and once under the other club.  Results can only be amended within 2 weeks of the race.

Q) Do the race organisers share my details with RunDerby?

A) No.  We only receive your results to compile a league table and we do not receive your personal details or contact information – i.e. the results that are publicly shown on the race website.  The only exception to this is when we request the prize winners’ email address and phone number so we are able to contact them to claim their prize.  No further contact is made when the prizes have been distributed.

Q) When are the results uploaded?

A) We ask the race organisers to send the final results (including race amendments and the complete list of volunteers attended) two weeks after the race.  Once we receive these results, they are uploaded quickly.

Q) I do not want my results to be included in the RunDerby race series, what shall I do?

A) Your results are published on each race website and therefore they are in the public domain.  All we do is duplicate your result onto the RunDerby website and form a league table.  However, if you wish for your results to be omitted from the RunDerby race series, please contact us (but you won’t be able to count in the individual league tables and your points won’t count towards your affiliated club, if applicable).

Q) I am unable to compete in a race in the series, can I still gain points by entering?

A) Unfortunately you do not gain any points if you do not finish the race but you can still build up your points by volunteering at the race.  A total of 10 points are awarded for volunteering at any of the RunDerby races.  However, we must receive confirmation from the race organisers that you attended on race day.

Q) What do I get for coming high up on the final league table?

A) The aim of the race series is to encourage friendley competition for regular runners and to bring something different to running in the Derby region.  We will be forming a prize structure for the top placed scorers in the league table at the end of the series and we are also looking at providing a gift for participants who take part in every race in the series (either voluntary or participating).

Q) I am running another race in the local area, can I gain any points?

A) Unfortunately if the race is not part of the RunDerby race series, you cannot score any points for doing that specific race.  The race series has been based on large local races of 350+ participants which take place between the months of April and November.  However, we welcome other races to apply to be part of the race series by contacting us.

If your question is still not answered above, please contact us.