RunDerby Race Series changes for 2017

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We are pleased to announce the line-up for the 2017 RunDerby Race Series, now in it’s fourth year.  The 2017 RunDerby Race Series will start with the Derby 10k on the 9th April, followed by Sinfin Classic 10k, Derby Ramathon, Hairy Helmet Relay, Tara Kinder Memorial 10k, Wilne 10k, Shelton Striders 10k and finishing with the Derby 10 Mile in the autumn.

Due to the significant amount of time that has been committed to the amendment of the results over the past three years, a new rule has been introduced in 2017 to ease the pressure on those behind the scenes and for the sustainability of the RunDerby Race Series.  The rule is that all results will not be amended when they are made final, being 2 weeks after each race in the race series.

Therefore it is important that you pay close attention to the three fields below otherwise it may cause duplications in the RunDerby Race Series.  To be included correctly in the RunDerby Race Series, please follow these points:

  • NAME: Spell your name exactly the same across all of the events you enter in the race series. Make sure you include hyphens where necessary and keep consistent with your first name if you sometime shorten it (i.e. Dan or Daniel, Pete or Peter, etc and don’t use both in different events).
  • AFFILIATED CLUB: Make sure you include your affiliated club in every race entered, especially the first race.
  • DATE OF BIRTH: Make sure this is provided and is accurate. Your age on the date of the first race determines your age category throughout the race series, even if you move up an age category part of the way through.

Changes will need to be formally made to each of the race organisers individually.

There were over 7,800 runners in the 2016 RunDerby Race Series league tables so please share this new rule with your running groups.