Up to the best 4 scores from the 7 available races count at the end of the series for 2023. If you score points in less than 4 races, you will appear on the league table below those runners who have taken part in 4 or more races for your information but you will not count towards the official final league table standings or be eligible for prizes.

The RunDerby race series scoring for 2023 is as follows:

  • 250 points will be awarded for 1st place, reducing down by 1 point per position down to 10 points for the 240th finisher.
  • All finishers below 240th position will all be awarded 10 points each.
  • There will be a separate league table for males and females with independent scores and prize structure.
  • The age category for all runners in the league table will be based on the age of the runner on the first event of the RunDerby race series.
  • Only affiliated clubs as part of UK Athletics (British Athletics) are included in the league tables.  A list of the most up-to-date affiliated clubs can be found at: http://www.englandathletics.org/athletics-clubs/club-affiliation.  For inclusion of a club part of Welsh Athletics, Northern Ireland Athletics or Scottish Athletics, please Contact Us.
  • For runners who become affiliated to a club (from unaffiliated) part of the way through the RunDerby race series and after they have already recorded a result as unaffiliated, the runners’ affiliated club will not be shown.  This is due to the system and the RunDerby race series being based on their affiliation/unaffiliation of their first event.
  • For runners who change affiliation from one club to another part of the way through the RunDerby race series, the runner will appear twice in the league tables – once showing the earlier affiliated club results and once for the later affiliated club results.  This means that the runners’ scores will be split during the season and changes are unable to be made after two weeks of each event.
  • If you are unable to take part in any race for whatever reason but you are available on the race day, you can still gain points by volunteering at the race.  A total of 10 points are awarded for volunteering at a race.  We must receive confirmation from the race organisers that you attended on race day.  Please ensure you provide your full name, club and age category to the race organiser.
  • In the eventuality of a tie on points, the winner will be decided by the person who has taken part in the most events in the RunDerby race series.  If the quantity of events is the same then the winner will be decided on their highest points achieved from their highest scoring event in the RunDerby race series.  If this is also a tie, the winner will be decided on their second highest scoring event, then third and so on.
  • All affiliated club members’ points will be calculated towards the Affiliated Club League Table so club members do not have to complete a minimum of 4 events for their points to count.  However, only the best 4 out of the possible 7 results are calculated towards the accumulation.
  • Whilst every care is taken to ensure an accurate league table, it is the duty of the runner to ensure that their results appear accurately within two weeks of the event.  This includes duplication’s of the runners name (due to being spelt slightly different) in the league table.  For any inclusions and event specific amendments such as name changes, position, gender or age category, please contact the race organisers directly within two weeks of the event date.

RunDerby Race Series amendments to results rule:

Due to the significant amount of time that has been committed to the amendment of the results, a new rule was introduced in early 2017 to ease the pressure on those behind the scenes and for the sustainability of the RunDerby Race Series.  The rule is that all results will not be amended when they are made final, being 2 weeks after each race in the race series.

Therefore it is important that you pay close attention to the three fields below otherwise it may cause duplication’s in the RunDerby Race Series.  To be included correctly in the RunDerby Race Series, please follow these points:

  • NAME: Spell your name exactly the same across all of the events you enter in the race series. Make sure you include hyphens where necessary and keep consistent with your first name if you sometime shorten it (i.e. Dan or Daniel, Pete or Peter, etc and don’t use both in different events).
  • AFFILIATED CLUB: Make sure you include your affiliated club in every race entered, especially the first race.
  • DATE OF BIRTH/AGE CATEGORY: Make sure this is provided and is accurate. Your age on the date of the first race determines your age category throughout the race series, even if you move up an age category part of the way through.

Changes will need to be formally made to each of the race organisers individually within 2 weeks of the event and the RunDerby Race Series organisers are unable to make any amendments to the official results.